EFI Performance LLC (TunedbyFrost) is located at:

4104a Eubank RD
Richmond VA 23231

We have more late-model GM tuning experience in Central Virgina than anyone else by FAR. Through partnership with Performance Auto Sport, we are pleased to offer all level of late model GM performance modification and building from simple bolt-on parts like headers and exhaust to all-out forged engine swaps with forced induction. Chassis work, welding and fabrication are also available along with custom wideband tuning/calibration work on the street and the dyno that goes FAR beyond just a "dyno tune". I am a late model GM EFI consultant and able to manage your entire project build from the ground up or as needed. If PAS is doing the work on your ride, this consulting is at your disposal. Travel tuning for groups is available as well.

About Me:
My name is Steve Williams. I have been passionate about GM performance since before I could drive. I have tuned over two thousand setups as of late 2013. For nearly a decade I was a Controls Engineer with previous focus on process and other analog and digital control systems. The mix of control engineering theory and automotive background marry nicely into tuning/PCM calibration. My background in electronics and controls allows me to fully understand and utilize the factory's sensors and I/O in the manner that allows for maximum driveability and of course horsepower! I have tuned a wide range of cars including stock, bolt-ons cars, cam, heads, max effort N/A, supercharged, and turbocharged. I employ a wide range of tuning approaches and have a nice deep bag of tricks. I can talk with you and work with you one-on-one with your project so that we can find the best [tuning] angle for your custom application. We are very proud of our Mail Order Tunes which are the result of years of dyno, street, and track testing. TunedbyFrost.com is the internet face of EFI Performance LLC.

I use HPTuners Pro, Tunercat, EFI Live, and a few other software tools
along with a mobile NGK AFX wideband for most work.

HPTuner's VCM Suite Professional PCM Tuning Software and Hardware


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