Congratulations to ClemsonDave for his record-setting pass at MIR on November 6, 2009. Dave drove his ATI supercharged six speed stock longblock C5 Corvette to an insane 9.94 @ 138.9 MPH. You can see a video of his 9 second pass on YouTube. This car's HP mods are headers and exhaust, an ATI D1SC at about 12psi, Alkycontrol 2-nozzle methanol kit, and aggressive tuning. The valvecovers have NEVER BEEN OFF of this engine! Great driving Dave!

Welcome to TunedByFrost.com! This site is your ticket to late model GM tuning that can come to you in Central Virginia, based out of the Richmond area. Dodge tuning will be available in 2010. Stop treating that factory engine computer like your enemy and put it to work for you. There are many tuning solutions available that utilize the factory computer in configurations such as 1, 2, and 3 bar speed density operating systems and Real-Time Tuning (RTT) for certain vehicles. There is a solution for nearly any imagineable combination and your stock engine computer. Make your vehicle drive better at cruise, wide open throttle, and everywhere in between. We offer dyno tuning in Richmond VA and much more. We are very proud of our mail order calibrations and our cost is extremely competetive.


01-12-2021 - Still Covid free! ... Happy New Year!
04-23-2020 - No Corona Virus here! ... Send in your ECM NOW!
02-05-2019 - Yes, we are still here! ... and tuning day and night! Mail order tuning can still be purchased here. You may also use our newer website EFI Performance for the same services with a newer cart system.
4-11-2015 - EFI Performance LLC in their OWN SHOP! Read a little more about it here!
10-08-2014 - What website could even POSSIBLY need a large overhaul more than this one? It's on the way; please bear with for the time being if odds and ends cause any issues to this site. Always contact me if you have any troubles. Thanks.
11-14-2012 - What's with the lack of updates?? Well, I'm just one guy and have been very busy with all of your cars. Look for a larger update coming a little later on. Thanks!
10-30-2011 - Earthquakes and Hurricanes can't stop things! There has been an update to our PRODUCTS PAGE, and there will be a few new original products coming in the next two months including the return of the low-cost, easy nitrous tuning solution.
1-29-2011 - Welcome Corvette Forum Members! TunedbyFrost is proud to now sponsor the best and largest Corvette Forum on the internet!
8-13-2010 - Cars are rolling in and out of the shop! We have a large update to our PRODUCTS PAGE, CHECK IT OUT!
6-17-2010 - TunedbyFrost / EFI Performance LLC is now a proud distributor of HPTuner's PCM programming hardware and software! Free Shipping! Click HERE for details or purchase!
5-13-2010 - The 2010 Season is in Full Swing! Get your new 2010 SS on the dyno and get it calibrated!
4-26-2009 - Thanks to Butch Jones and the Corvette Club of Richmond as well as the guys at Performance Auto Sport for a great day of dyno fun this last Saturday.
4-26-2008 - Many small changes around the site, it's a busy time of year, don't wait till the last minute to try to schedule!
11-14-2007 - Video Page is up! More will be added over the next few weeks so check back.
10-22-2007 - Supported vehicle list updated!
9-27-2007 - Added Paypal payment system for payments (credit card too) for Mail-order tunes and an upcoming nitrous tuning product
9-20-2007 - Several new customer galleries added!
9-12-2007 - Mail order tuning for GenIII V8s has been added! As always, please check back often for more updates!







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